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Port Townsend Summer Band

2018 is the 26th Season of the Port Townsend Summer Band
26 years Entertaining Port Townsend
Miles Vokurka, Conductor

Port Townsend Summer Band

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'Port Townsend March' by Karl Bach

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Thanks from our audience:

Summer Band

On a Sunday July afternoon
My friend Karl Bach conducts
Such a medley of songs
But “Carousel” is so touching.
It brings tears to my eyes,
So poignant,
So restrained, so romantic.
This consummate musician
Leads the band in a wondrous series of songs.
As I survey the summer scene:
Cargo-carrying ships passing,
Sailboats, a kayak,
Ferries back and fro,
And above me towering douglas firs and lacy western red cedar
In this lovely temperate summer sunshine
It is the closest thing to heaven.
I’m surrounded by families,
Children funning forth with their hair streaming behind
Old folks tapping out the time to melodies.
Thank you maestro and your fellow musicians
You make Port Townsend the community it really is:
People all assembled together
To enjoy the outdoor summer
Which blesses our peninsula on a peninsula.

Malcolm Hepworth
Port Townsend, Washington
July 30, 2012


Summer Band
Chetzemoka Park, Port Townsend
With their lawn chairs and wide-brimmed hats,
spreading blankets and picnic baskets—
some with walkers, one with oxygen tank—
the crowd assembles in puzzle pieces
before the gazebo, where brass instruments,
horns and percussion, the chopsticks of the drummer,
all wait for the conductor’s baton
to release the oracle of summer.
JIZAAM—and with that the fanfare unfolds:
some military marches, selections
from Broadway hits, the obligatory
Sousa. No one could be disappointed.
Children climb shade-bearing trees, frisbees
tease scampering dogs. The band grand slams.
At water’s edge, among seaweeded rocks,
low-tide beachcombers scavenging for clams
draw us to the bay, where lustrous sharp sails
seamlessly slice the fabric of the air.
For an hour the puzzle is complete:
boisterous sound, the grateful audience,
a soothing breeze beneath a cloudless sky.
The music is both factor and locus
for an afternoon of light existence
when age and time drift out of focus.
Afterwards, a gradual breaking up,
an unvoiced unanimous agreement
to gather again whenever we can
for another tuneful summer séance.
All the while, in panted exhalations
of pure oxygen (oh Great Beholder!),
my neighbor’s breathing machine affirms:
We all will get old, but never older.
Carry on!
John Delaney

Wonderful job with the summer band at the Legion today. The music went well with such a wonderful Memorial Day tribute. Thanks for your personal service and for your dedication to the summer band and providing such programs.

               ~ Carl

"Karl,  The band is such fun, and so much a part of what makes Port Townsend special!  I thank you."

          Barbara - September 1, 2016 

"Dear Karl and PT Summer Band Members.  I write to congratulate you on your "two in a row" concerts so far this summer - Chetzemoka and the Legion.  Stirring selections done with enthusiasm and precision under your most capable direction and inspiration.  Your new piece "Saturday Afternoon March" is inspired and delightful.  I imagined walking the sidewalks of P. T. enjoying the vistas and hearing the music. . . . Thank you all for your continued passion and expertise!"

            Sincerely, Beth Mackey - July 5, 2015

"Dear Mr. Bach,  Thanks for having the Summer Band - a winner for all:  Old, young, player, audience.  It's always a pleasure to be part of this tradition. "

           Yours truly, Dottie Kemp  -  June 27, 2016

"I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your PT Summer Band for the phenomenal and stirring service that you gave and presented on Memorial Day (2012). A lot of folks and Legion Members have told me the experience and the program was one of the best ever and that they were honored to be with us on the occasion. Your music and patriotic involvements always make these programs the BEST! Thank you! I am very honored to be a participant in such great company. "

                  ~ Bill Carpentier

"A belated thanks to Karl and all of the band for the terrific Independence Day concert at the American Legion Hall. The band has never sounded better, and the selections were perfect. We appreciate all that you do in our community.

              Thanks so much,"

                ~ Mike and Shelly Reiss





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