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MARCH FOR BEN AND BOB was composed at the suggestion of drummer Bob Rutenbeck (a former U.S. Navy musician — then 83 years of age) to Ben Krabill (then 13 years of age — a percussion student of the composer) during the June 24, 2001 band concert at Chetzemoka Park.  At Ben’s next drum lesson he mentioned this to me.  (“What else could I do but comply?”)  This march was performed by the band on August 25, 2002, with Ben playing the 8-bar snare drum solo included in the march.


THE PORTLAND ‘84 MARCH was inspired by the composer’s hearing the Royal Marine Band and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Pipes and Drums perform in Portland, Oregon, on their 1984 U.S. tour.  A copy of this march was presented to the Royal Marine Band in Portsmouth, England, on the composer’s visit to Great Britain in 2002.  The march includes the Scottish folk song, A Wee Drop o’ Oats, which is played by the Great Highland Bagpipe and drums and later together with the whole band.  It was first played in concert on August 25, 2002, at Chetzemoka Park in Port Townsend. 


PETITE SUITE FOR ORCHESTRA consists of a Baroque-styled theme which then takes on several variations:  Waltz (with some Strauss-like rhythms), Largo (a retrograde version in the Pentatonic scale), Jig, a romantic-styled Andante, a Tango, and Fugue followed by a brief Finale.  The Port Townsend Community Orchestra presented this piece during its March 1, 2003 concert.  The composer has transcribed this work for concert band, renaming it Petite Suite for Band.  It is scheduled for presentation during the 2009 summer concert series at Chetzemoka Park in Port Townsend.


THE RED HAT TRIPTYCH, as with others of the composer’s works, has a story behind it.  After a Port Townsend Composers concert at Franklin Court in August 2003, sponsored by CENTRUM, the performers, composers and their families had lunch at the adjoining Bread and Roses Café.  The wife of one of the composers mentioned that the Red Hat Society needed some music composed for it.  She thought a waltz would be nice; another Red Hatter wanted a polka; and the composer had enjoyed some measure of success with his marches.  Thus was born the three-part suite:  1. Polka, 2. Waltz, 3. March.  The Port Townsend Community     Orchestra premiered the piece at its May 1, 2004 concert.  The Red Hatters in the audience even participated by some marching to the strains of the piece when it was played.  Everyone had a great time.  Its transcription for band was performed by the Summer Band July 25, 2004.


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