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Port Townsend Summer Band Players

Name and seasons playing with the band

Dana Africa  2
Marie Buckner  1
Kristy Cummins  2
Valerie Hinchliff  6

Anne Krabill  21

David Krabill  3

John Adams  9

Nancy McDaniel  4
Kincaid Gould  2
Mark Holman  4
Everett Howe  3
Cheryl Montgomery  8
Ken Morris  6
Vidya Speck  24
Myles Vokurka  6
David Whipple  4

Nate Miller  3
Mary Lou Montgomery  24
Gabe Petrick  1
Steve Ricketts  24

Kyle Montgomery  1

Mark Condran  2




Port Townsend Summer Band Players
June 2007

Name and seasons playing with the band

Kim Clarke  19
Terry Fogerson  7
Jim Gilmore  9
Maisie Gould  2
Ken Harper  6
Dana Kemp  2
Blaine Lewis  6
Cheryl Smoker  14
Randy Stillwell  3

Bob Becker  17
Robert Nathan  9

Ryan Clarke  3
Howard Hendrickson  9
Linda Makela  8
Rex Rice  11

Mike Nyby  8

Larry Mann  3

Raphael Bakin  1
Jenna Carson  1
Susie Thrune  8
Carol Wood  9


All Girl Drum Section
2011 All Girl Drum Section
*numbers represent players' seasons with the band
PT Summer Band Flutes
PT Summer Band Trumpets and Coronets
We wish to thank the following members of our
community for their generous support:
Port Townsend Arts Commission Port Townsend Arts Commission
Nancy McDaniel
V. Steve Reed
David A. Gee
Uptown Pub & Grill
Port Hadlock Dental Center
World's End
Agilis Technologies
Wendy Johanson
Port Townsend School of Massage
Jay F. Burcham
Port Townsend Rotary
Chuck & Karen Russell
Doris W. Unruh
David T. Chuljian, D.D.S.
Earl & Rena Murman
Kosec Funeral Home & Crematory

Linda R. Hiatt
Sarah J. Biazzo
Puget Sound Coast Artillery Museum
Suzanne Raley & Dale Crytzer
Marilynne Urquhart
Kitsap Credit Union
Barbara J. Hinchiff
Kiwanis Club of P.T.
Bernard & Mercedita Del Valle
Clare B. Lacy
Coldwell Banker Best Homes
Kristy Cummins &
David Whipple
Elaine M. Lachlan
The Krabill Family
Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery

And You, our Audience!




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